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This project gathers scientists in the different fields of chemistry, physical chemistry, environmental chemistry, chemical engineering, geology, mineralogy, modeling, life cycle assessment, and economy

The differents partners that collaborate in the project during 3 years are :

Laboratory of Hydrology and Geochemistry of Strasbourg (LHyGeS) (CNRS-University of Strasbourg, France) who coordinates the project and participates on the studies on adsorption onto natural clays and the infiltration-percolation process
Materials Science Institute of Mulhouse (IS2M) (CNRS-University of Haute Alsace, France) is specialized in characterization of solid surfaces and liquid-solid interfaces
TERIVA Environment (Strasbourg, France) is a consulting firm specializing in Life Cycle Assessment
Institute of Industrial, Insurance and Financial Risks (IRIAF) (University of Poitiers, university center Niort, France), brings expertise in LCA and Life Cycle Risk Assessment
Applied Economics Department (University of Valencia, Spain) brings expertise in Life Cycle Cost
Application Laboratory of Chemistry for Natural Substances and Resources and the Environment (LACReSNE), (University of Carthage, Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte, Tunisia) brings his skills in adsorption of pollutants on functionalized clays
Département de Géologie (Faculté des Sciences, Université de Tunis El Manar) apporte ses compétences en Géochimie de l’Environnement
Laboratory of Material Science and Environment, Faculty of Sciences (LMSE) (Sfax University, Tunisia) is specialized in adsorption coupled with microfiltration, ultrafiltration, desalinisation par microfiltration, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration
Tunis International Center for Environmental Technologies (CITET) (Tunisia) brings his skills in microfiltration-nanofiltration, LCA but also in the reflexion on the implementation of a semi-pilot
Laboratory of Electrochemistry, Catalysis and Environment, (Chemistry Department, Faculty of Sciences of Agadir University, Morocco) contributes to the work on adsorption, infiltration-percolation, advanced oxidation, electrochemical reactor at a laboratory scale
Laboratory of Physical Chemistry and Bioorganic Chemistry (LCPCB), (University Hassan II of Casablanca, Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Mohammedia-Casablanca, Morocco) brings its expertise in biological treatment, filtration-coagulation-floculation, treatment in combination of advanced oxidation (TiO2/H2O2, H2O2/UV, H2O2/UV/Fe) and coagulation-floculation-filtration, and valorization of solid waste
Sonatrach-Research, Technology, and Development Division (Algeria) brings its expertise in valorization of solid waste and contributes to the work on adsorption onto clays
LSGPI (Laboratory of Industrial Process Engineering Science, USTHB, Algérie) contribueront aux travaux d’adsorption sur matériaux innovants et LHCIM (Laboratoire d’Hydrométallurgie et Chimie Inorganique Moléculaire, Faculté de Chimie, USTHB, Algérie) est spécialisé en traitements électrocinétique et procédés d’électroremédiation ; UDES (Solar Equipment Development Unit, Renewable Energy Development Center, Tipaza) est spécialisé dans la photocatalyse
Laboratory of Physical chemistry, and Applied Chemistry (LCPCA) (University of Guelma, Algeria) contributes to the work on adsorption onto activated clays
Department of Chemical Engineering (Faculty of Engineering, Ege University, Turkey) brings its expertise in advanced oxidation (wet air oxidation process, fentons oxidation), photocatalytic oxidation
Environmental Engineering Department (Ondokuz Mayıs University, Kurupelit, Samsun-Turquie) is specialized in ozonation, electrocoagulation and advanced oxidation

14 juin 2016