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Meetings and videoconferencies

Partnerships’ working meetings

The project started officially on April 15th, 2016.

However two videoconferences have been organized on March 7th and 23rd, 2016. Most of partners participated in these videoconference meetings in order to initiate the collaboration and discuss the calendar and organization of the project.

The first official meeting of the project took place on May 18th, 2016, again as a videoconference.
Part of the day was devoted to presentations by partners of their adsorption process, and their other processes and analytical means.

The first face to face meeting was held in Strasbourg on September 19th to 21st, 2016.
The meeting was organised by the coordinator and gathered representatives of all countries and most of partners.

The second coordination meeting was organised by the Tunisian partner of Sfax and hosted in Sfax University.

We were privileged to have been welcomed by the President of the University of Sfax, Professor R. Bouaziz, and by Professor M. Gargouri, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences.

We also had the pleasure of receiving and being able to interact with people from public bodies (ANPE, ONAS, SONEDE, INRGREF, Technopole of Monastir) and private companies (textile industry SITEX, ETex).

14 juin 2016